The Multipurpose floor concept

Flexible Floor

Geir Vidar Persen, Sales Director IP-Group


The Multipurpose Floor Concept

With Flexible Floor System, you get a unique floor with several fields of applications. The Flexible Floor is ideal floors even in areas with high demands. It’s flexible and easy mounted ground protecting mats with high sustainability. The interlocking floor tiles are made from strong plastic and can be applied on all types of outdoor foundations, from sand and dirt to grass.

The design makes modular flooring easy, and you still get the stability of a good strong floor. Its flexibility and strength make these ground protecting mats perfect for store units, pavilions and even to build temporary roads where the heavy vehicle can operate. Even when it comes to events, camping and as a protecting surface, the Flexible Solid Flooring System is optimal to use.

The Flexible Floor shall remain in the economy for a long time as possible. We will achieve this by minimizing raw material consumption, waste, emissions, and energy consumption. After its lifetime of about 20 years, the Flexible Floor will be reused. We call it Sustainable Development and Circular Economy.


Flexible Floor System is a unique flooring concept which can be applied to lots of different areas when there are high demands. Among other things, including the use of *Warehouses and tents, *Temporary roads and parking lots that involves using the heaviest vehicles, *Floor for emergencies and conflict areas, *To ensure availability in connection with building and construction work, *Protect the meadow by land and forestry, *Outdoor events and concert venues. Flexible Floor System can be used on all kinds of surfaces such as grass, sand, and soil surface. Flexible Solid Flooring System from IP-Group consists of three types:

*Heavy Duty version with a load of 20 000 kg per. m2

*Light Duty with a load of 5 000 kg pr. m2

*SL Duty Events and Exhibition with a load of 1 000 kg pr. m2

Some of our projects

World Padle Tour in Båstad

It is always a pleasure to welcome the wonderful summer for the ones interested in paddle tennis! It is the world's fastest-growing sport that is becoming true. One can almost say that it is half the sport and half the circus when the best are on the move. The players are so incredibly skilled. You hardly think it's true what they can do with the racket and ball. There are many exciting activities for visitors. That can also test themselves in this amazing sport

It was also in Båstad as Sweden’s first paddle track was set up ten years ago



Flexible Floor in Akershus Fortress

Liberation Day, known in Norwegian as Frigjøringsdagen, is marked every year in Norway on the 8th of May. It is known in some other European countries including the UK as Victory in Europe Day, or VE Day. Liberation Day is an official flag day. You can expect to see the Norwegian flag flying high on all public buildings and from many private houses and apartment balconies.

The day is also marked with speeches and events throughout the country. In Oslo on the grounds of Akershus Fortress, Norway's Resistance Museum focuses on this period. Also known as the Norwegian Home Front Museum, the museum displays equipment, photos, and documents from the war years. 

O.B.Wiik Event

O.B.Wiik is one of the major suppliers of temporary buildings, tents, and halls in the Nordic countries, and was established in 1912. O.B.Wiik AS was founded in 1912 and is a leading supplier of fabric covered buildings, sports halls, and steel buildings, as well as tarpaulins and event-related products such as tents, tables, and chairs. Most of their products are available for sale and rent, depending on client needs. The company is undergoing substantial growth and markets its products internationally, having exported its products to more than 100 countries. IP-Group is proud to be corporation partner for Flexible Floor for Event in Trondheim and Hellerudsletta as well.

Beach Conference Tylösand

Halmstad, The City with Three HeartsWalk around the port city of Halmstad and you’ll be struck by the crowned hearts adorning everything from bus stops and trash cans to garden gates and grocery stores. Halmstad is a popular tourist destination! Hundreds of thousands of tourists come to Halmstad every summer to enjoy our beaches, countryside and the wide range of culture and restaurants. The most famous beach is Tylösand, which can have as many as 40,000 guests on a sunny summer day. Here you’ll find Sweden’s only manned lifeguard station and the Nordic region’s only lifeguard training school.

What our customers tell us

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Would you like to avoid binding up capital and putting a strain on the company's cash flow? Then Flexible Floor Rental could be the answer. Start saving now! Renting has several advantages. You often avoid a drawn-out approval process for the investment and you do not need to bind capital and put a strain on the company's cash flow. You pay a monthly fee for the Flexible Floor. Click PDF to download Flexible Floor Conceptmanual

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This is how it works: You decide to invest in the Flexible Floor. A contract with the IP-Group informs you of the terms and conditions. The normal rental period is between three and five years depending on your needs. The fee can be fixed or flexible and with a rental agreement, you can keep your payments within your budget.

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