The Multipurpose floor concept for The Armed Forces

Flexible Solid Floor

Sustainable Development & Circular Economy

The Multipurpose Floor Concept

With Flexible Solid Floor System, you get a unique floor with several fields of applications. The Flexible Floor is ideal floors even in areas with high demands. It’s flexible and easy mounted ground protecting mats with high sustainability. The interlocking floor tiles are made from strong plastic and can be applied to all types of outdoor foundations, from sand and dirt to grass and soil.

Flexible Solid Floor is a completely modular floor concept, interchangeable and expandable, and supports the weight of large trucks, forklifts, and other heavy equipment. Each tile is durable, easy to clean, slip-resistant, and contains UV additives for longer outdoor life. 

The design makes modular flooring easy, and you still get the stability of a good strong floor. Its flexibility and strength make these ground protecting mats perfect for store units, pavilions and even to build temporary roads where the heavy vehicle can operate. Even the largest military vehicles as well. Flexible Solid Floor is optimal to replace concrete in the fields. And of course, in all kinds and sizes in tent. It is unique to protect all kinds of surfaces and is optimal to use.

Flexible Solid Floor shall remain in the economy for a long time as possible. We will achieve this by minimizing raw material consumption, waste, emissions, and energy consumption. 

We call it Sustainable Development and Circular Economy.


Assembled in Tent on all kind of surfaces and replace concrete

Flexible Solid Floor

*Designed to be rapidly deployed and with little to no ground preparation

*Foundation for your Tent, Warehouse, vehicle maintenance tents, portable access roads

*Other heavy-duty shelter applications.





The Unique Design and Connection of Flexible Solid Floor provides the floor concept a tremendous strength and versatility, without the necessity of adding significant amounts of material or weight. When you start assembly and connect Flexible Solid Floor tiles with "over-underlay", you achieve a very great strength as the floor tiles support each other on 6 sides. You can assemble the floor system without any use of tools. There are no sharp edges on the floor tiles which make it smooth and safe to assemble. By using standard cleaning fluids and a pressure washer it is very easy to clean. Flexible Solid Flooring System from IP-Group consists of three types:

*Heavy Duty version with a load of 20 000 kg per. m2

*Light Duty with a load of 5 000 kg pr. m2

*SL Duty for Refugees Camp protecting against rain, cold, and snow with a load of 1 000 kg pr. m2

Why use and choose Flexible Solid Floor?

*Replace concrete in the fields, *Portable and easy to handle, *1 person can assemble approx. 80-100 m² per. hour,  *No specialist handling required, *Quick to assemble and disassemble, *Robust with no breakable parts, *Anti-slip and easy to clean, *Little to no ground preparation, *Installation on nearly all kind of terrain and surfaces, *Versatile, fits designs, curves around obstacles

Please click to download Flexible Floor Conceptmanual

Please click to download Assembly Instruction

Flexible Solid Floor can be placed on terrain with very low CBR values

CBR (California Bearing Ratio)



Cover a surface area of any shape or size

The Flexible Solid Floor System can be placed even on grounds with very low CBR values, e.g. clay, etc. The soft ground material will fill up the underneath rip design of the elements to further increase element stability. Important is that the ground is not sinking such as moor, swampland, etc. The floor tiles create a “bridging-effect” over the laid-out ground.

The special shape and form of Flexible Solid Floor make it easy to be rapidly deployed and with little to no ground preparation. Create a stable, even surface over sand, gravel, mud, grass, asphalt, and other unstable surfaces quickly and efficiently. The rip structure on the underside of each floor tile distributes weight very effectively on uneven ground, ensuring a solid roadway for trucks, forklifts, and other heavy vehicles.

If there is a hole underneath the element may bridge it completely or bend into the whole depending on the size of hole and load. After the vehicle has passed over the element it will bounce back. The driveway should be closed also in width to have the best possible shear force performance especially if the driveway is going up and down in a longitudinal direction and eventually also has a transversal angle.


Can be rapidly deployed and with little to no ground preparation

For areas with high demands


Applied to difficult and insufficient areas

Each Flexible base plate is connected to each other with a user-friendly duct overlay/support system. Simply slide each baseplate next to another baseplate section, where it is easily “locked” into place. Depend on the ground surface, the outer baseplate is anchored with U-profile in combination with earth anchor depending on the ground surface

Please click to download Flexible Baseplate for Helicopter Landing Pad



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